Do Electric Cars Use Oil?

2022 Chevrolet Bolt EV Charging

If you’re driving around Orfordville in a new EV, you might wonder about an electric car oil change. Do electric cars use oil? They do not use oil — so you can put oil changes behind you forever! Still, electric vehicles do use transmission fluid, brake fluid, and coolant. Read on to learn more about caring for your EV, and schedule an appointment at Drive Burtness when it’s time for service!



What Fluids Do You Need to Change in Electric Vehicles?

So, we’ve answered the question, “Do electric cars need oil?” but what about all those other auto fluids? Below is a closer look at the auto fluids required in an EV:

  • Coolant: The coolant in your EV radiator keeps your battery and other vehicle systems from overheating as you drive around Whitewater.
  • Brake Fluid: Like any vehicle, EVs have brakes, and that means you’ll need to ensure your brakes are adequately lubricated so you can safely stop on Orfordville roads.
  • Transmission fluid: Your transmission fluid makes your gears move efficiently and easily. Therefore, you’ll need to have your transmission fluid changed. Check your owner’s manual, or chat with the service team at Drive Burtness for specific intervals.

Of course, EVs also have tires! That means you’ll need to do regular tire rotation and wheel alignment. No matter what your car care needs, we make it easy with our online appointment scheduler and rotating service specials!

Electric Vehicle Parts

Now that you know that electric vehicles don’t need oil let’s look at the main components of an electric car. Then you’ll be better prepared to care for your EV and keep it in top condition for many years.

These are the most fundamental parts of your new electric car:

  • Electric motor: Converts electrical current from your EV battery into motion. Magnets create torque alongside the motor. To ensure your vehicle has the power required to operate, you’ll need to charge it at home or at a public charging station in the Orfordville area.
  • Charging ports: These are the external chargers used to charge your electric battery.
  • Battery: The battery stores the electricity that powers your motors as you drive around Janesville.
  • Onboard charger: The charger converts the charge generated from a charging port into DC power.
  • DC-DC converter: This converts high-voltage direct current (DC) from the battery into the low-voltage DC power that powers the vehicle.
  • Traction motors: These motors turn the wheels of your EV.
  • Thermal system: Keeps your motors and other electronic components from overheating.

Service Your EV Today at Drive Burtness

You’ll never need an electric car oil change, but you will need routine service. Whatever your auto care needs, from new tires to collision repair, our service team will do the job right! Check out our service tips and let us know when we can help, or reach out to us online or by phone. We’re here for you!


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