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How to Program Your Chevy Garage Door Opener

As the proud new owner of a Chevrolet in the Orfordville area, you’ll find it useful to discover all of the features that you can unlock with the Chevy Homelink when you learn how to program your Chevy truck garage door opener. Follow our simple How to Program Your Chevy Garage Door Opener guide and you’ll be well on your way to Homelink mastery. Feel free to contact us with any questions or more information on how to program your Chevy garage door opener. Whether you need help programming a garage door opener or a key fob, we have you covered.

How to Set Your Chevy Garage Door Opener | Initial Setup

  1. Confirm that there is a recent battery in your remote control transmitter. 
  2. Turn on your ignition with your vehicle facing your garage.
  3. Find your vehicle Homelink buttons on your visor, rearview mirror, or the overhead console.
  4. Position the remote control transmitter from 1 to 3 inches from the Homelink control buttons. At the same time, press your preferred Homelink control button and the remote control button.
  5. Press the remote control button until the Homelink indicator light comes on and either becomes a solid light or quickly.
  6. This change means that the frequency signal has been noted in the system. 
  7. Press the Homelink controller button two times for activation. 
  8. A solid Homelink indicator light indicates that programming is finished. If the Homelink indicator light quickly flashes instead, the troubleshooting steps below can help you understand the issue. 

Chevy Truck Garage Door Opener Troubleshooting

After attempting the steps for how to set your Chevy garage door opener, if the Homelink indicator light is quickly flashing, you have a rolling code system stored in the memory of your garage door opener and remote device. With these simple additional steps, you can program your Chevy truck Garage door opener: 

  1. Leave the car and find the garage door opener motor inside your garage. 
  2. Search for the “Smart” or “Learn” button, generally beside the antenna wire hanging on the back of the motor. 
  3. Push the “Smart” or “Learn” button once and you’ll have a 30-second window to finish the next step. 
  4. Come back to the vehicle and press your programmed Homelink control button three times. This will finish the activation process. 
  5. For the two Homelink buttons still remaining, repeat the previous four steps. This should activate your garage door. 
  6. The original remote control transmitter and the Homelink wireless control system, once programmed, can be used with your Chevy garage door opener. 

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If your Chevy Garage door opener still isn’t working after you follow the steps for how to program your Chevy garage door opener, check your owner’s manual for additional troubleshooting or visit our service center near Whitewater for additional assistance. Our fleet of trained technicians at %%di_name% are right beside you to ensure that you can enjoy all that your Homelink system has to offer. Interested in more tips? Check out our service tips and tricks for Chevy maintenance

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